Top 10 Best Anime of January 2018 You Should Watch

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A Place Further Than The Universe, or Sora yori mo Tooi Basho, has a plot that sounds incredibly simple at first. It’s a series about two young girls who are embarking on a journey to the Antarctic. Once you start looking into the details, however, there is a certain glimmer of promise behind this adventure anime. The first episode only features two protagonists so far but both of these young women have very different motives for wanting to travel to the Antarctic. For Mari Tamaki this adventure is all about living life to the fullest. She is driven by curiosity and wonder and even seems to have something internally that she hopes to prove to herself. Shirase Kobuchizawa, on the other hand, is motivated by her mother’s disappearance in the Antarctic. She has even spent a long time working hard and saving up money just so she could go to the last place where her mother was seen.

The first episode has only introduced these two girls but the trailer for the show revealed two other female characters who are likely to become prominent figures in this anime as well. So far A Place Further Than The Universe is off to a great start with character development despite the fact that it feels like the series cut corners a little bit in terms of setting up the plot. If this anime introduces more dynamic leads and takes advantage of having a setting as unique as the Antarctic, it could be a strong new entry for the Winter 2018 lineup.

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