Top 10 Best Anime of January 2018 You Should Watch

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It’s a bitter sweet day in the world of anime. Gintama is reaching its final arc in Gintama: Silver Soul. The entire Gintama series has more than 200 episodes under its belt and has garnered a massive fanbase with each and every one. From the very start Gintama was a bit of a surprising anime for anyone who hadn’t already read the manga. An anime about aliens in feudal Japan, a negative attitude towards swords that has samurai living with little to no respect from others, and a goofy errand boy that still possesses the heart of the samurai just wasn’t supposed to be this good. Here we are 10 years later still eagerly following Gintoki Sakata and the gang on an adventure that is filled with just as much hilarious wackiness as it is intense action and epic battles. In this arc, Utsuro’s plan to spark a deadly war that would ultimately destroy earth has been unveiled and the clock is ticking for anyone who wants to stop him. Our familiar heroes are forced to look for aid from unlikely sources, but their strength alone simply won’t be enough to put an end to Utsuro’s devastating death wish.

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