Forget Yoga And Surgery, These 8 Common Foods Can Help You Get Beautiful and Firm Breasts Naturally

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Women have a love hate relationship with their breasts. All the women I know either find their breasts to be too large or too small. There are few things in the world that women are totally satisfied with and their breasts, for that matter, are not one of them.

If you are an AA or AAA cup size we understand your condition perfectly. There are ways to enhance your assets definitely but not all of us want to put on silicone pads or go through the pain of a surgery. For those who are unhappy with their breast size and want an enhancement, we have some good news.

You can certainly improve the size of your breasts by adding some foods in your diet.

1. Orange

Oranges are rich in antioxidant beta-carotene that protect your breast cells from damage. They are also rich in calcium and vitamin B6 that boost the development of breasts.

2. Green vegetables

Green veggies like spinachm broccoli and kale are rich in phytoestrogens that are known to promote breast tissue.

3. Pomegranate

Pomegranate has high antioxidant content that help in cell regeneration and protects from premature ageing. Pomegranate also reduces risk of breast cancer and helps in breast firming.

4. Sea Foods

Sea foods are rich in manganese that promote the growth of breast tissue.

5. Bananas

Bananas prevent sagging of the breasts. The fruit is also an important part of many breast enlargement routines.

6. Soy

Rich in isoflavones, soy products give larger breast tissue. Moreover, they also have several estrogen like nutrients that promote breast development.

7. Strawberries

Rich in phytoestrogen and ellagic acids that make the breast skin clean, smooth and tight.

8 Eggs and Chicken

Foods that have healthy fats can help you boost your size. Eggs and chicken are rich in protein, calcium and other nutrients that improve breast size.

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