7 Subtle Signs Your Partner Wants out of the Relationship

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5. Communicating has become difficult for them

Communication breakdowns happen frequently when your partner is subtly hinting that they want to split. Your partner might become vague about things they are going through at work or plans they have without you. (More on the latter a bit later.) If your conversations start feeling more and more like you don’t know what they want, it could be time to address whether the relationship is in jeopardy. While we are on the subject of communication …

4. Texting takes the place of talking

It’s perfectly normal to call and text your partner when the two of you aren’t right next to each other. But you should be on alert if texting has replaced talking and other forms of communication completely. Does your partner have a ton to say via text, and very little to say to you in person? Or does he or she decline your phone calls and send you a text instead, even when you know they are available to talk?

Put forth an effort to talk more face-to-face, even if it’s about something small. If your partner is resistant, it’s a subtle sign they want to break up.

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