5 Relationship Rules You Should Never Break

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When you first start seeing someone, you’re compelled to put your best foot forward. You exchange all of the usual pleasantries and put each other first. However, as time goes on, the dark, ugly parts of yourself start to seep through. Pleasantries are sometimes replaced with sarcasm and selflessness is replaced with selfishness. As you get comfortable with each other, the real you makes an appearance, and it’s not always nice. We all have challenging days or an off moment, but that’s no excuse to treat the one you love badly. Each relationship must have a set of ground rules that ensure the love, care, and safety of each partner.

There’s no official guidebook for being in a relationship, but there are some unwritten rules that all couples should follow. These ground rules should be in place to make sure both you and your partner are engaged in a loving, respectful partnership. Here are some relationship rules you should never break.

1. Be kind

Kindness goes a long way. It could be a kind word, a smile, or an act of service. Don’t stop being nice to each other just because you’ve been together for a while. You could be one careless action or mean remark away from losing your partner. Don’t let uncaring ways become a habit. Demonstrating compassion is a powerful way to show love.

Psychologist Susan Boon says kindness shouldn’t be a one-time act you do on special occasions or when you want something. Kindness must become second nature if you desire relationship success. “You have to do nice things often. But it’s harder to be nice when the heat is on, when you’re really angry, or when something has happened for the 15th time. Nevertheless, the balance must be heavily, heavily stacked in the positive to have a happy marriage,” Boon told WebMD.

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