11 Things That Will Kill Your Road Trip

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I can never pass up a good road trip.

I can’t count how many road trips I’ve been on — it must be approaching triple digits — and I’m happy to say that the number just keeps increasing. On Friday, I’ll be driving to Las Vegas with some friends — a road trip path I’ve chronicled before in my 11 Highlights of the Los Angeles-Las Vegas Drive, yet one that never gets old.

Over the course of my dozens and dozens of road trips, I’ve seen it all — the good, the bad, Nebraska. I’ve seen what makes a road trip succeed… and I’ve seen what makes a road trip end with everyone leaving the car and not talking for several hours, days or years. And now, I’ve coalesced that life experience into a list of 11 things that will absolutely murder your road trip. Read. Learn. Nebraska.

In no particular order (so numbered 1-11 instead of 11-1, for those that keep up on the day-to-day decisions of why I number lists the way I do)…

1. Video games and iPods.

Road trips are communal experiences. Each person in the car is an absolutely crucial element. To have an ideal road trip, your individual personalities need to combine, like Voltron.

As soon as someone in the backseat goes rogue and starts listening to their own iPod or playing the new, cool Nintendo DS game (which, I’m sure, is something like “The Pokemons Meet The Jetsons”)… you’re done. All of a sudden the communal experience is shattered and, before you know it, the other person in the backseat is asleep and the two people in the front seat are having a two-hour heart-to-heart about how good of friends they are.

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