10 Controversial Comic Book Stories That Shocked Readers

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Although comic books don’t share the same type of success as other forms of entertainment such as movies and television, they can still prove to be incredibly influential and immensely popular. In fact, characters from comic books have inspired some of the best films of recent times, such as The Dark Knight and The Avengers. However, the fact that they have a less mainstream profile means that their creators can experiment with more wacky storylines or contentious elements that can have the ability to both shock and offend readers – just like the ones on this list.

1. The Incident

Superman has largely been seen as an American hero throughout his publication, with the superhero regularly claiming to be standing up for justice in the United States. A standalone story entitled The Incident changed all of this though when it saw Superman renounce his US citizenship in a protest against the government’s foreign policy. Many saw this as a direct attack on the country by DC Comics, with some political news outlets becoming outraged by the move.

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